Glossary of Hair Restoration and Transplant Terms (part I)

Interested in hair restoration, but don’t understand all the lingo? Here’s a few terms to get you started as you begin your research.

Glossary of Hair Restoration Terms (taken from the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery). Unless written in italics, all content was taken from the ISHRS website.

Alopecia: The medical term for baldness.

Androgenic Alopecia: The most typical pattern of balding whereby the balding pattern is controlled by hormones and passed along via heredity.

Also known as male or female pattern baldness.

Crown Area: The area in the top/back portion of the head which contains a swirl or spiral pattern of hair growth. Also called the ‘vertex,’ it may be the first area where male pattern baldness is

Donor Area: The fringe above the ears and around the back of the head where hair follicles are genetically programmed to remain intact and grow throughout life.

Donor area directly after surgery on one of Dr. Arocha's actual patients.

Donor area directly after surgery on one of Dr. Arocha's actual patients.

Donor Dominance: The concept that hair follicles transplanted from the donor area will continue to grow in the recipient area.

Female Pattern Baldness: A hereditary pattern of baldness found in women typically characterized by a diffuse thinning of hair and/or hair loss at the front portion of the scalp behind the frontal hairline. May or may not include a slight recession or thinning in the temples and only very rarely ends in complete baldness at the top of the scalp. Also called “Female Hereditary Hair Thinning.

Fore more on this visit this google health article.

Follicular Unit: a naturally occurring grouping of one, two, or three (and rarely, four) hair follicles found in the skin. The average follicular unit contains about 2.4 hairs.
A popular acronym used in the hair restoration world is FUT, which refers to Follicular Unit Transplant.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE or FOX): Follicular Unit Extraction is a method of extracting single follicular units, one at a time, from the donor site by using a tiny punch excision. A punch used to extract single follicular units is typically 1mm diameter or less.
A very good article about this procedure from the Hair Transplant Network.

Follicular Unit Graft: A graft consisting of a single follicular unit. In appropriate patients, artistic planning – in addition to the correct angulation, orientation, and positioning of follicular unit grafts – can yield an exceptionally “natural” appearance of the transplanted hair.
The definition of a graft (from is: a portion of living tissue surgically transplanted from one part of an individual to another, or from one individual to another, for its adhesion and growth.

Follicular Unit Micrografting: A method by which large numbers of follicular units are harvested from the donor site (usually in a long strip or ellipse) and then microscopically dissected into grafts containing single follicular units.

More terms to come soon (along with illustrations and some pictures).

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