Corrective Hair Restoration

Hair loss is usually never a welcomed condition. To some of us, it is very disturbing and it undermines our self confidence by falling short of our self-image. It is understandable that no one wants to appear older than they are before they have to. What can be worse? Well, a bad hair transplant is without a doubt much worse. A properly executed hair transplant should be undetectable and completely natural looking. A poor hair transplant calls more attention to the already confidence compromised individual. The looks and reactions of the viewing public serve to further exacerbate the patient’s level of confidence, self-image, and happiness. It gives us great pleasure to help these individuals with less then optimal hair restoration outcomes. The problems range from the “pluggy”-look, doll’s head linearity, abrupt density issues, improper angling and mis-directed grafts. As if this is not enough, these individuals, with so much need of suitable donor, are almost universally left with little available donor. Often times, the donor area is replete with scars rendering the patient with the most need with the least available donor tissue and with greatly diminished tissue elasticity.

For the entire set of before and after photos from these two cases, please visit the Before and After photos on our website.



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4 responses to “Corrective Hair Restoration

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  2. A few are being discussed for your convenience so you can get an insight of the principles on which they work and the performance associated with it.

  3. Dr. Arocha,

    Thanks for presenting this information. Your hair transplant results are highly impressive and you’ve certainly earned the patient community’s respect and admiration.

    Feel free also to share any of your expert articles with our community and we’ll be happy to present them on our popular Hair Loss Q&A Blog.
    Best wishes,

    Bill – Managing Publisher of the Hair Loss Learning Center and the Hair Transplant Network

  4. Hello this is Dr. Arocha, please feel free to leave a comment!

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